1. Retooling the Crisis Response System with Youth Appropriate Responses

  2. Increase data collection and the data sources used for youth

  3. Provide guidance on how communities create and scale crisis systems

  4. Encourage the use of integrated data systems

  5. Specifics on improving data on homeless youth

  6. Include well-targeted diversion strategies as a key aspect of crisis response, closely linked to coordinated entry.

  7. Better data collection on homeless children, youth and families

  8. We need better data on Rapid ReHousing and Transitional Houisng

  9. Provide ongoing funding sources for HPRP services, and include housing retention data requirements

  10. Eliminate equivocation on HIPAA's application to homeless services to enable system-wide data sharing while protecting confidentiality.

  11. Promote the use of local data to evaluate current system-level outcomes and costs and to inform reallocation strategies

  12. Guidance on the Local Use of HMIS

  13. Incentivize the Center for Disease Control to add housing questions to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

  14. Ensure Coordinated Access Collaobrates with mainstream systems

  15. Houusing and services are critical

  16. Reconcile federal definitions between HUD and MV on family homelessness. Rely on DOE counts rather than PIT to scope family homelessness.

  17. Develop best practices and toolkits for emergency shelter operations

  18. Fund demonstration projects that would test whether pairing CTI with a voucher works as alternative to PSH for chronically homeless adults.

  19. Help clarify the role of assessment tools as triage devices; encourage and promote progressive engagement.

  20. Do more to promote best practices

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